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How To Choose The Best Gas Stations Near Me

If you are a human being with a mode of transportation that requires gas, whether it may be a car, an RV, a truck, or a motorcycle, most likely you would try to search for the best stations near where your location. Probably the best thing about choosing the best gas station near you is that you can go for a gas station that offers you the best price; you can visit a gas station that has free promotions and offers; you can choose a gas station with premium benefits in their gasoline; and the like. Nevertheless, no matter what your gas station preference may be, there is always a gas station that is right for you and more importantly, near you!


1. First and foremost, try to decide what kind of gas station you are searching for. Do you want a gas station that offers the cheapest fuel? Are you looking for a gas station that provides extra benefits in their gasoline (e.g., fuel for racecars)? Do you like tie in promotions for gas stations? Do you like extra points when you fuel up at a particular gas station? Do you just need gas to tide you over because you do not want to run on empty?

2. Next, see how much money you would like to spend on gas. As previously stated, do you only have a little money so you can fill your gas tank a bit to get to your home? Do you have quite an amount of money because you want to get it over and done with so you want to fill your tank to the brim? Nevertheless, it is a good recommendation to have an idea always of the regular cost of your gas so you do not spend too much on gasoline that is much cheaper somewhere else.

3. Therefore, now that you have an idea of what kind of gas station you would like to be in and how much money you would like to spend on gasoline, begin to search for the gas stations near your area.

4. Go to your favorite search engine such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Fill in the kind of gas your mode of transportation takes, your current location, and more or less your budget per liter of gasoline. You should take into consideration that some search engines could figure out where you are located. In this case, you do not need to type in your location on the search box of the search engine anymore. In addition, try to look for online sites that give you the different and current gas prices at various gasoline companies. Another thing to consider—if you have a mobile phone with an Internet connection, download apps that can help you in your search for the best gas station near you. What is great is that these sites can give you the exact address of these gas stations. If you have an iPhone, for example, search for gas or gas stations from the App Store. If you have an Android, take a gander at Google Play.

5. If you would rather not search online, you can just take a quick field trip around your area. We suggest bringing your vehicle already, so once you decide on a gas station, go there, and fill up your tank (that is, if you want to)! Another thing to consider is the volume of vehicles having their tanks filled up in the gas station you visited. A high number of vehicles could mean one of two things: they offer the cheapest gas in the neighborhood and you should line up or the service in that gas station is not that great. Either way, check out the gas prices so you can figure it out yourself!


• You can “interview” the people around the neighborhood or even some of your friends about where they get their gas tanks filled up. Probably asking bus drivers or taxi drivers is also a good thing because they, more often than not, try to get the best gas deals for their vehicles.

• Even if the gas station you choose does not have any outright promotions and offers, try to haggle a bit and ask if there are any free items you can get.


• Always make sure you go for a gasoline brand that you trust and is relatively well known. You would not want to get gas somewhere that is disreputable, which, we hear, mixes gas and other liquids like water, together. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Do not sacrifice quality just because you are looking for a cheaper price. In the long run, the gas could ruin your car and would mean higher car maintenance costs.

• Try to gather information from different people. Get a consensus as to where the best gas station near you might be.